Last Monday, we were glad to have finally presented before the members of the Tagum City Historical, Cultural and Arts Council the audacious projects we will be working on through the remaining days of 2018 up to the 2nd quarter of 2019, which are as follows:

1. Publication of the first-ever comprehensive book detailing the rich history of Tagum — a product of years of rigorous research. It’s a feat for the current administration, under the guidance of Mayor Allan L. Rellon, to be able to come up with a history book 21 years after its founding as a city and 102 years after it has been established as a municipal district of the undivided Province of Davao.

2. The highly-anticipated Kagikan Museum, set to be inaugurated next year, which will highlight the tri-people of Tagum. We will be squeezing our skeds to thread the museum’s narrative, and mine for its collections, in what could be the greatest gift of this administration to the future generation of Tagumenyos, especially to scholars and those fascinated with local history.

3. The second edition of the Kagikan Colloquium, an academic conference aiming to gather scholarly works of Tagumenyos on their accounts of the different facets of public life/public history of Tagum. We will be announcing next month the call for submission of papers, and we are looking forward to publish the first-ever Historical Bulletin of Tagum, as to put a halt into the long-prevailing practice of appreciating history through oral tradition. It’s high time we put them into black and white.

We at the CIO, being members of the Secretariat of this Council, are glad to work on these important tasks to help preserve and record our rich culture and tradition, the “soul” of our city.

Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam!