We had an unexpected guest at the office today. In the middle of the conversation, this woman in what seems to be in her late 50s, quipped: You should marry and have a child. Childless, she said it’s difficult growing old without a child. I felt that. A shy smile was the only reply I can give.

The original conversation resumed.

When the customary goodbyes were done, she turned to me again to give this piece of advice:

Find a girl who knows how to cook, so that you will be excited to go home every night. You can eat in a carinderia, but you will go home because you know in yourself that your wife cooks the best food in the world.

Turning pensive minutes later after she left, I thought what she shared was a metaphor. It was more of the food. It’s the company and the happiness that is shared over a meal, no matter how simple.


Edit: The girls in the feminism movement might raise their eyebrows. It could also be the other way around. I mean the wife excited to go home because the husband cooks the best food that no fancy restaurant can equal. I’m just trying to be politically correct.