Imagine what difference a year can make. It can break (or make) barriers, heal (or open) wounds, bring you to the moon, and land you among the stars. Sometimes, it provides a chock in a flash, forcing you to discern, to evaluate, to assess. It gives you highs and lows, happiness and sorrow, victories and defeats.
Imagine what difference a year can make. They say the secret of life is enjoying the passage of time. Fishing, of all things, reinforces this truth. You arrive in a site full of hope and confidence. Beforehand, you get yourself prepared: select the best bait, the materials, and the twin possibilities of getting a catch or not.
Imagine what difference a year can make. Imagine it because sometimes it feels like waiting for a year just to get your elusive catch. It’s true what they say about fishing — that good things come to those who bait. I am afraid this piece smacks of misplaced optimism, but here’s a caveat, too: terrible things also come to those who bait.

Regardless of the outcome, golden treasures await you in return in the form of perseverance, hardwork, patience and the courage of the necessary (but also painful) act of letting go. Imagine what difference a year can make. These things seem like it is on a cycle, constantly knocking you off with its bittersweet realities year after year.

Imagine what difference a year can make. As 2018 is about to end, and a new year is in the offing, imagine how these values solidified (or mortified) your existence. The lessons come in handy; it’s up to us to decide whether it made us better persons or if it had corroded our souls.

2018 offered a smorgasbord of lessons, of varying degrees; some life-changing, some inviting for a pause. Imagine what difference a year can make: we come out alive as a better person, a specimen capable of love, a persona full of optimism that it is what James Taylor coined as a “lovely ride.”
In 2019, embrace what change is in store for you and imagine the possibilities of a bright (or bleak) future. Let’s bring with us the lessons of this year, and by this time of the year next year, let us amaze ourselves with the thought of what a difference a year can make.
By then, it could surprise us with barriers already broken, wounds already healed, the moon within our reach, and the stars on the palm of our hands.
Hanapin ang Saysay,
Ps: This piece is specially dedicated to the person who introduced me to the little joys of fishing, and whose company I’ll forever cherish, and miss.