Shaping Tagum’s History

We at the CIO, being members of the Secretariat of this Council, are glad to work on these important tasks to help preserve and record our rich culture and tradition, the “soul”…

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Motto Stella

The obelisk bearing the three stars is an imposing structure, which will definitely render one speechless once standing at the base. It’s a hair-raising moment, made even more…

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Saysay sa Manila de Bay

Mga larawang kuha sa Manila de Bay, at ang mga titik na bunga ng nangungusap na kalangitan

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The Kindness of Strangers

Imagine being hungry in a foreign land without the local currency to buy some food. Also imagine the kindness of strangers to fill not only your stomach, but also your heart.

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Wowed by Awao Falls

Awao Falls is a great addition to Comval's long list of tourism destinations. Now that we are experiencing the sweltering heat of summer, you might as well explore Awao soon.

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In Photos: Beautiful Brunei

Devoid of skyscrapers, Bandar Seri Begawan is a quaint and unassuming capital of Brunei Darussalam. What it offers instead are golden domes, elegant architectural details and…

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Mystery and Charm combine in Dinagat

DINAGAT, by all metrics, is an island shrouded in mystery. But as what I discovered, charm is also King in this island province.

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Before Kobe win, Uncertainty Reigned

Uncertainty reigned days before the Tagum City Chamber Chorale got its first international accolade. Here's the story.

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The Peculiarity of Japan

What's left to hate about Japan? I am puzzled.

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It’s Always Summer in Samal

Samal Island's island-to-highland treats are concrete manifestations that indeed, it's always summer in Davao del Norte's tourism gem.

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Hundred Hoorays at the Hundred Islands

Pangasinan is home to the Hundred Islands. But beyond these islands, there are still plenty of places waiting to be discovered.

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Kita Kita, and the myth of blind love

I went to the cinema tonight, alone as usual, knowing that I’m in for a real surprise. I also know I won’t shed a tear, telling myself these barrage of posts are simply…

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