From my vantage point, a tinge of blue offers a ray of little sunshine. It provides a stark contrast to the continuous rain that was sustained throughout last night, swelling rivers and drainage systems, and planted restrained fear to all people from all walks of life. It was Vinta’s pre-holiday visit in a region that was made to believe that it is typhoon-free. Pablo broke that myth in 2012, and today we are reminded of its horror.

This vantage point from my quiet nook at the 4th floor and the contrasting weather phenomenon that is made more glaring by the blue sky peppered with clouds pregnant with rain are somewhat telling. In our usual days at the office, quiet times like today is a piece of luxury. Times like this also pushes you to stare blankly at a glass partition that extends to a sea of green. It pushes you to reflect.

In the waning days of 2017, I came to realize that this year offered the best of times, and the worst of times. That’s life, I told myself. In its first episode, NBC’s hit series “This is Us” cajoled viewers of