Moto Stella’s Base

The obelisk bearing the three stars is an imposing structure, which will definitely render one speechless once standing at the base. It’s a…

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Shaping Tagum’s History

We at the CIO, being members of the Secretariat of this Council, are glad to work on these important tasks to help preserve and record our…

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Malacca: A Visual Diary

As in any other great civilization before, Malacca blooms through its water. There is the storied river of Malacca, tucked in a strait two…

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Soul-Searching in Sagada

Sagada's beauty endeared it to the hopeless romantics, those who find solace in the mountains to nurse a broken heart. Or has it, really?

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Fishing and 2018

Fishing is perhaps my greatest acquired skill in 2018. It taught me lessons as well. This is my year-end reflection.

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Podcast: Rainy Days

Orange Rainfall Alert is hoisted in most in places in Mindanao, Davao del Norte included. Here’s me and Carlo making a list on perfect…

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