Kasikas Podcast: Balod

In the old normal, balod (or wave) is something we look forward to. In the new normal, it's something we're scared of. Let us reminisce the waves of yesterday, and the wave we're facing today. Listen to our podcast

Fears of a Second Wave

Majority are celebrating. But the dangers are still thriving. Here's why.

Day 44: Discipline

If we continue to exhibit our acts as a “competitive city” by tomorrow and in the coming days, we should be ashamed of ourselves as a city. The caveat: the exhibition of complacency might trigger a tsunami, not just a wave.

Balak gikan sa Holon

Mingaw sa dihang ming-abot ako sa Holon
Ang tubig daw gasidlak-sidlak sa katahum
Apan luyo sa iyang pahiyum
Adunay kasubo nga gikumkum

Pulag Above the Clouds

Mt. Pulag towers proudly with its reputation as the highest peak of Luzon and the third in the country at 2,926 meters above sea level, tailing behind its colleagues in the south: Apo and Dulang-Dulang.

Piece of Advice

An unexpected guest at the office dropped down the most epic advice this week.